Cottonwood & Clay Infused Soap (2 bars)

Cottonwood & Clay Infused Soap (2 bars)

This soap is made from extra virgin organic olive oil that has been infused slowly over 4 months with poplar and cottonwood bud resin, which soothes irritated skin, helps speed the healing of wounds and scrapes, helps prevent dandruff and scalp irritation and reduce inflammation.

To that we add organic coconut oil, and then three different types of cleansing clay that make this bar soap an excellent choice for using on the face as a makeup remover, and on the hair, as a shampoo/hair mask.


These bars are rough cut and vary in weight from bar to bar, but weigh between 4 & 5 ounces.  


Shipping one bar of soap is not economical,

so this listing is for TWO bars of soap.  


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