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Flower Essence Kit For Emotional Healing

Flower Essence Kit For Emotional Healing

Flower essences are beautiful energetic medicines that work on the mental and emotional body, and can greatly aid us in processing, digesting, and reworking old trauma, and times of emotional upheaval, as well as helping amplify feelings of joy, peace, and tranquility.   



Wild Rose essence is an excellent support tool for healing grief, walking through panic, feelings of nervousness, anxiety, periods of emotional trauma, and stress.  Our Wild Rose essence is made from fresh, wildcrafted roses from the mountains of Northern Idaho.  They are harvested at their prime and brewed under the full moon for fullest potency.  Rose helps us feel grounded, supported, safe, and contained.  It is like a mother's hug gently wrapped around us in times of distress.  Wild Rose essence helps us maintain balance and stability in times of upheaval, and helps teach us that with every sweet rose must come thorns as well.  She helps us come to more comfortable terms with duality.  Light and dark.  Rose and thorn.  


Chamomile flower essence is soothing, grounding, and connective. It aids in all types of disconnection. Disconnection from the body, the mind, and the spirit. Chamomile comes alongside the energetic systems in our body and helps release unresolved emotions, and energies. It helps clear blockages, including old thought and emotion patterns that prevent us from fully connecting to the wholeness of our being. Chamomile is all about integration. It is less of a fixer and more of a relationship builder within the energetic body. It doesn’t so much come in and fix things, as it does help the body mind and spirit communicate and integrate to the fullest extent possible.


Honeysuckle is a flower essence that helps bring us from the past, or future, back into the present in our thoughts. It also helps us behave outside of patterns that relate to our past, and look at our present and develop healthy, new patterns that are more comparable with our current life. Honeysuckle is helpful for people trying to move beyond past trauma, is helpful for those looking to remain more focused and involved in the present, and helps the body and mind adjust to change, and develop new roots after periods of big change. Using honeysuckle flower essence to enhance mindfulness practices can be very effective. Honeysuckle is a plant that brings the energy of home, and comfort, even in times of great change. For this reason, it can be very helpful during travel or moving to a new home, job, etc.


Purple Basil helps connect us to our crown chakra, higher self, and highest good. Think of it as your own little purple dragon. It helps us integrate our physical body, our mind, and our spirit, rather than leaning on just one aspect of our being. Purple basil strengthens our connection to nature and the physical body, while also connecting us to Divine wisdom. Purple basil flower essence can be helpful when we find ourselves only focusing on one aspect of ourselves, or we feel stuck in our physical body, or in our mind. When chaotic thoughts or intense physical sensations try to suck us into focusing exclusively on them, purple basil can help bring us back to a place of balance, and integration.


Lobelia Cardinalis is a gorgeous red flowering member of the lobelia family, whose blooms look like dancing ladies in red dresses. It is a flower of royalty, consecration, and blessings. Energetically lobelia cardinalis, helps us deepen our awareness of the sacredness and oneness that is life. It helps the physical and energetic body process and release the lie of separation, both internally in the body (ie. integration of the body mind and spirit) and also helps us with the illusion of separation in the “outside world.” As without, so within. As above, so below. etc.. are perfect phrases to express the energy that lobelia cardinalis brings to our consciousness. Lobelia helps us realize that all life is sacred, and all parts of the whole are important and necessary and should be cherished. When we tune into lobelia cardinalis we will hear “All life is sacred! Everything is alive. Treasure it.” Lobelia’s awareness can help with feelings of being unseen, unimportant, or overlooked. These feelings are always a sign of an internal problem with self, not an accurate portrayal of what is happening on the outside. When we are feeling un-seen, it is always a result of internal blindness, or the self not being able to see its own self and accept it. This internal problem may well be reflected in the outward world, through relational difficulties, feelings of loneliness, etc., but if we attempt to deal with the issue by turning our focus outward, we will never come to the root of the feelings of being ostracized or excluded. We MUST focus internally and find the points of discord within ourselves if we hope to embrace true oneness. Lobelia can help us do this, by showing us that all parts of ourselves are sacred, and must be honored. No part of life is useless or “bad.” Parts can be twisted, and need to be brought back into integration or alignment for the good of the whole, but that isn’t the same as being “bad.” All life is holy, not just the parts we deem “good.”


Calendula flower essence is an essence that helps strengthen our sense of self, grounded-ness, and emotional resilience. It helps us face our fears, and see past obstacles. Calendula is very connected to the female sexual organs, and calendula flower essence can be very helpful for sexual anxiety, fear of intimacy, premenstrual tension, other PMS symptoms, and an out of balance sacral chakra. (aka. out of balance lower abdominal area including large intestines and sexual organs.) Calendula is a very sturdy plant in the marigold family, and it brings us help with understanding our fears and anxieties, which helps us have the freedom to connect more deeply with those we love. When we understand our own fears and anxieties, we don’t project them onto others, which allows us the opportunity to connect with others in a more loving and authentic way. When we are not in touch with our own feelings, we often see our own deep emotions when we look at others, and this can cause us to respond inappropriately to the people who are closest to us in our lives. Often people do not prioritize knowing their own feelings because they don’t see the relevance or importance of understanding their own feelings. When we project our emotions out, we find ourselves saying things like “why is everyone so angry?” Or “why is no one in the world competent?” “does NO ONE have any common decency anymore?” or “the world is a sad place.” Calendula helps us detach from our emotions in a healthy way so that we can look at them and learn from them, rather than BEING them.


Feverfew flower essence helps with mobilizing stagnant emotions, stuck emotions, or stuck energetic pathways in the body, especially as they relate to physical trauma stuck in the body, and physical manifestations of emotional upheaval or stress. It aids in gently helping the mind and nervous system to let go of the unhealthy patterns and ruts it develops and gets stuck in over time. For this reason, feverfew flower essence can be very beneficial for certain types of pain, particularly when the pain is a symptom of stuck patterns and unhealthy habits. Feverfew flowers help us balance the bitter and sweet. They marry this pungent medicinal plant, with solar plexus grounding, and sunny optimism.

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