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Flower Infused Honey Duo (Lilac & Lavender)

Flower Infused Honey Duo (Lilac & Lavender)

This kit contains 6 oz each of fresh lilac infused raw honey, and fresh lavender infused raw honey.  

The flavor of these infused jars of honey is incredible and tastes like the smell of the fresh flowers.  They make an excellent addition to herbal or traditional teas, or make a delicious topping for biscuits or any other dish that would be complemented by a floral honey.


These honey bears are about 2/3 the size of a traditional honey bear and are carefully infused for over 6 weeks with delicious fruits, flowers or roots that are all organic, unsprayed or wildcrafted, and then the excess moisture is slowly evaporated off over another week to make them shelf-stable after infusion so they will not ferment.  


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