Flower Power Kit

Flower Power Kit

This beautiful kit contains an array of flowery teas, lilac infused honey, and 4 different flower essences that help bring you the energy and medicine of the floral world.


The kit contains:

1 package of Visions Of Summer Tea, which is a beautiful flower-based tea that contains hibiscus, rose, peony, bachelor's buttons, linden flower and leaf, lemongrass, lemon verbena, and chamomile. (1 oz)


1 Package of Flower Power Tea, which is a lovely jasmine and licorice tea that is both delicious and immune-boosting.  (2 oz)


1 Jar of fresh lilac infused raw honey.   This beautiful infused honey is made from raw local honey from a beekeeper just down the road from our farm. It is then infused with fresh lilac blossoms for 6 weeks, then evaporated down in a dehydrator to concentrate the flavor and make the honey shelf-stable again.  The honey is sweet and flowery and tastes and smells like fresh lilacs.  It's SOOO good!   (5 oz)


Feverfew Flower Essence

Flower essences are an energetic medicine made with the fresh flower of the plant.  They aid in emotional stability and healing and help bring helpful and healing energies into the body without overwhelming the body.  

Feverfew flower essence helps with mobilizing stagnant emotions, stuck emotions, or stuck energetic pathways in the body, especially as they relate to physical trauma stuck in the body, and physical manifestations of emotional upheaval or stress.  It aids in gently helping the mind and nervous system to let go of the unhealthy patterns and ruts it develops and gets stuck in over time.  For this reason, a feverfew flower essence can be very beneficial for certain types of pain, particularly when the pain is a symptom of stuck patterns and unhealthy habits.  Feverfew flowers help us balance the bitter and sweet.  They marry this pungent medicinal plant, with solar plexus grounding, and sunny optimism.  

Feverfew helps bring us from where we currently are and take us up energetically.  It helps raise our vibrations and supports movement into higher energetic frequencies.  (1 oz)


Chamomile Flower Essence is soothing, grounding and connective. It aids in all types of disconnection.  Disconnection from the body, the mind, and the spirit.  Chamomile comes alongside the energetic systems in our body and helps release unresolved emotions, and energies.  It helps clear blockages, including old thought and emotion patterns that prevent us from fully connecting to the wholeness of our being.  Chamomile is all about integration.  It is less of a fixer and more of a relationship builder within the energetic body.  It doesn’t so much come in and fix things, as it does help the body mind and spirit communicate and integrate to the fullest extent possible. (1 oz)


Wild Rose Flower Essence

Wild Rose Flower is a flower that specifically brings back vitality, enthusiasm, and a spark of joy and hope to a person who has become overwhelmed with apathy, indecisiveness, and indifference.  Wild rose helps open and restore pathways of joy, and sorrow as well.  It helps the emotions be FELT so that they can flow and carry out their intended purposes in our bodies and psyche.  Wild Rose is the flower of enthusiasm.  And enthusiasm cannot be felt or expressed while other emotions are actively being repressed.  Wild rose flower essence helps bring us back to a place where life has sparkle and drive.  It helps us gain motivation, take initiative and burst through the barriers that are preventing deep joy from truly taking root in our lives.  Use wild rose flower essence when you are feeling apathetic, discouraged, numb, or out of sorts with life in general.  Be prepared though, she may bring up emotions you’ve long since buried and bring them to the light.  But know she only does this so that those dark emotions can be seen, loved, and integrated so that our highest good and joy can be felt and expressed freely.  (1/2 oz)


Valerian Flower Essence brings your attention and focuses the mind back to the present. It helps your mind not to dwell on the future or the past and can aid in bringing a wandering mind back to the beauty and grace that is found in every present moment. It can aid in soothing and resolving feelings of irritation, instability, agitation, unfocused energy. it encourages feelings of peace, relaxation, clarity, and helps promote surrender to what IS at every moment, rather than the energy of resistance. Valerian flower essence does for the mind what valerian root does for the body. It helps promote relaxation, even a sedated effect, and helps the mind let go of repetitive thoughts, obsessions, fears, anxieties, or unspecific angst. (1/2 oz)

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