Flower Power Tea

Flower Power Tea

Flower power is an immune-boosting tea that is a beautiful blend of Lemongrass, Vanilla Beans, Jasmine Flowers, Licorice Root, Linden Flowers and Leaves, Wild Elderflowers, Astragalus Root.


It is sweet, flowery, and on top of being delicious, it is a powerful immune booster as well.  The licorice root, elderflowers, and astragalus root are fantastic anti-virals, aiding the body in both preventing viral infections as well as speeding recovery after infection.  Lemongrass and Lendon flower are supportive of the immune system, help reduce inflammation in the body which boosts overall health, and help relax the body and calm nerves.  Red Rooibos is an herb that is full of minerals and nutrients and has been used for centuries to nurse infants and adults back to health as a nutritional herbal broth.  

All ingredients are organic or wildcrafted.


 Many of the historical uses mentioned above have

 been confirmed by modern science, however the 

statements above are primarily based on oral and historical 

writings and observation, and have not been evaluated

by the food an drug administration.  This product or 

information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or

prevent any diseases.


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