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"Hands Off" Germ Spray

"Hands Off" Germ Spray

Hands Off Germ Spray is a powerful mixture of Organic 200 proof grain alcohol, aloe vera, and essential oils of cinnamon bark, rosemary, frankincense, lemon, eucalyptus, and tea tree.


Many hand sanitizers on the market are full of isopropyl alcohol and other dangerous ingredients that are drying on the skin at best, and highly toxic at worst.  Many other hand sanitizers are simply not made with high enough proof alcohol to kill germs at all.  According to the CDC you need to have a total volume of at least 60% alcohol for a hand sanitizer to be effective.  60% alcohol is 120 proof, and most people don't have high proof alcohol hanging around.  When people make hand sanitizers they often add things like aloe vera gel that dilute the alcohol they used even further, and this defeats the entire purpose of a hand sanitizer.   

In our Hand Spray we start out with 200 proof pure organic grain alcohol.  The same high-quality alcohol we use in our tinctures and internal use herbal products.  To that, we add a small amount of aloe powder, which is aloe vera juice that has been dried so we do not add excess moisture.  Next we add known germ-fighting oils that help the alcohol break through oil and film that can be on the hands.  The finished product is never below 190 proof, which is well above the CDC recommendation of 120 proof.  

So while hand washing is ALWAYS the best option for staying healthy, there are times you just can't get soap and water on the spot, and in those times, "Hands Off" hand spray can help you stay germ-free and healthy!


Listing is for a 2.5 oz spray bottle of hand sanitizing spray.


This product or 

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