Held in Love Tea

Held in Love Tea

This listing is for a 1 oz bag of tea which makes approximately 22 cups of tea.


This tea was blended to help the body process grief and loss. Grief is sacred. It is a blessed ritual where we remember what love and connection another being brought into our life, and where we honor the joy, memories, sadness, overwhelm, and the unbearably beautiful and heartbreaking dance that we call life and death. Grief is where we come to grips with “the other side of love.” This “other” side of love is something our culture has removed from its sacred pedestal and relinquished to the far off corners of society. Something to be kept behind locked doors. No more do women proudly wail in the streets for those departed. No more do we spread ourselves with ashes, shave our heads, and truly MOURN for what we lost in a way that can be seen, heard and felt by our community. Instead we try to process these heavy emotions like loss and grief quietly, and in a sanitized and reduced, but societally acceptable form. And this reduction not only minimizes our ability to move through the loss and process our grief, it also minimizes the love and joy we felt during someone’s lifetime, and it also robs our community of being able to join into our grief with us. And grieving WITH another human is a sacred blessing we have all but forgotten.


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