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Mushroom & Root "Coffee" Drink 4 oz

This delicious drink mix is perfect for anyone trying to step away from coffee but finds tea blends too light.  Do you miss that robust, rich flavor in the morning, but you can't have coffee?  Or maybe you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, but want something to sip on throughout the day that is a healthier alternative and is not filled with caffeine?  This Mushroom and Root Coffee Substitute is a perfect choice!  While nothing can truly replace a robust coffee, this delicious blend boasts a rich, deep flavor, that helps satisfy that coffee craving.  It is delicious enjoyed black, or with cream and sugar or your favorite coffee additives.  It has notes of chocolate, vanilla, and a hearty flavor that can be enjoyed all day long without any post-coffee jitters!

And best of all, it is AMAZING for your health!  The mushrooms in this blend are excellent for the immune system,  help cleanse the blood, and boost brain function.  The roots in this blend are full of digestion and liver-boosting compounds and can help calm the nervous system, energize the mind, and promote a sense of wellbeing.  Enjoy a delicious cup while boosting your digestion, brain, and immune system!


This Listing is for a 4 oz Bag




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