Summer Love Kit

Summer Love Kit

This beautiful kit is a breath of fresh air during the hectic summer months.  

It contains 1 package of loose-leaf "Visions Of Summer" tea, which contains:


Visions Of Summer Tea

This is a beautiful blend of Linden leaf and flower, lemongrass, lemon verbena, hibiscus flowers, rose petals, peony petals, bachelor’s button flowers, fireweed flowers, chamomile, and crimson clover. 

This tea blend is excellent hot or cold, but is especially delicious when made as an infusion, sweetened with a little honey, and drank over ice.  

To make an infusion, add 2 tsp of dried tea to a pint jar, (you can also add honey to taste at this time if you’d like a sweeter tea)  fill the jar with steaming hot water and seal with a lid.  Allow the tea mixture to steep for 12 hours (overnight is easy) and then strain, pour over ice, and enjoy throughout the day!  

The blend of flowers and herbs in this tea is specifically formulated for hydration during the summer heat, and supporting the mind, emotions, and body through the summer months.  

Linden, lemongrass, and lemon verbena help hydrate the body, allowing better absorption of the liquids we consume.  Hibiscus rose and peony help nourish the heart center, and open us up to the joy of receiving all that summer has to offer us.  Bachelor’s buttons and fireweed flowers help bring resiliency and determination to our endeavors, and chamomile and crimson clover help nourish, and comfort us through the bustle of summer.


Soothing Balm

This balm is a rich, deeply moisturizing and extremely healing salve made from high quality organic oils and butters that have been infused over months of time with fresh, wild harvested herbs.  This balm is excellent for healing cracked skin, sunburns, bumps and bruises, and is great for soothing bites, stings, sore muscles, and can speed the healing of acne as well.  Our skin often gets abused and overlooked in the summer months, and this rich balm can provide some much needed moisture and healing.  

It is safe to use on adults and children alike.

A little about the herbs in Soothing Balm:

Saint John’s Wort, Lavender and Yarrow all help speed the healing of damaged tissues, help prevent infection, ease pain, and promote healthy skin.  Cleavers helps nourish and protect the skin from damage from the sun and other environmental stressors. Comfrey and Cottonwood Bud Resin help ease pain, and speed healing both topically and on deeper tissues.  They work especially well on sprains, strains, and other musculoskeletal aches and pains.  It also works great as a lip balm and night cream for dry skin!


Deep Nourishing Lip Balm

Our lip balm is rich, creamy, healing, soothing, and nourishing.  It is full of rich, organic oils like macadamia nut, jojoba, red palm oil, shea butter, mango butter, kokum butter, and the secret healing ingredient, lanolin.  The lip balm is lightly scented with steam distilled lime oil, which adds an excellent pop of flavor, as well as beneficial antioxidants.  Apply liberally to lips to help protect, soothe, and heal.


Summer is a beautiful time of connection with life itself.  

Summer calls us to connect to the cycles of growth, production, and expansion.  

When we answer Summer’s call to grow and expand, it is important to also continue self-care and nourishment amidst the busyness.  We hope this kit will nourish both your body and your soul during this beautiful gift of the summer season.


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