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Water Kefir Grains 1 cup

Water Kefir Grains 1 cup

Water kefir is a delicious probiotic, paleo friendly, delciously carbonated drink that is excellent for gut health, and helps promote a healthy gut microbiome.  


Water kefir is made with "water kefir grains" which are not a grain at all, but rather a tiny microbiome of symbiotic yeast and healthy bacteria, much like a kombucha scoby, or "mother of vinegar."  

These kefir "grains" are fed a mixture of sugar and minerals, and in return they produce a delicious probiotic drink that tastes much sweeter and less vinegar like than kombucha, but is also significantly lower in sugar than most kombucha.  It is a mild drink that can easily be flavored with fruit, fruit juice, or other flavorings, and is delicious enough that most children drink it willingly.  A fruit flavored water kefir drink will taste like a delicious lightly flavored, carbonated fruit drink, or a carbonated juice.  


These kefir grains are shipped fresh, which gives them the best chance of thriving.  Many companies ship dehydrated kefir grains, when then have to be reconstituded, which significanly decreases their viability.  


Kefir grains come with full instructions, and ship priority mail. 

1 cup of kefir grains will brew 1 gallon of water kefir at a time.

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