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Women's Toddy 4 oz

Women's Toddy 4 oz

Women's Toddy is a beautiful elixir made specifically to help balance a woman's hormones and endocrine system and lend gentle, nourishing support to an overworked mind or body.  This tincture is gentle enough to use with contraceptive medications, but powerful enough many clients have noticed significant improvements in mood swings, cystic acne, hormone regulation, and a significant reduction in negative symptoms associated with both menstruation and menopause.


This toddy is brimming full of plants in the rose family, which all work together to gently support and nourish all that is woman and goddess; but it can also be beneficial and enjoyed by boys and men as well who are struggling with feeling emotional, unsupported, or stressed.


Women's Toddy contains:  Organic dark cherries, wildcrafted hawthorn berries, hibiscus flowers, rose flowers, organic alcohol and local raw honey.

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